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The Directory of Excel Experts - Where the World's Excel Experts Come Together

You don't have to be an Excel Expert to use this site - Visitors Welcome

Directory of Excel Experts Search Graphic Graphic The 'Directory of Excel Experts' is the complete listing of Excel experts from around the world. The Excel experts listed here come from well known places such as California, London, Sydney, New York, Tokyo, Ireland, Russia, New Zealand, Canada, Oregon, etc. Many reside in towns and countries of which you may have never heard. Regardless of their location, or the languages they speak, they all speak Excel, and they do so at the expert level, their common language.

The specific areas of Excel experience vary as does their frequency of Excel use. Some of the Excel experts are professional Excel experts (I.E. They make their living working with Excel on a full-time basis), others are Excel authors, some are paid to speak at Excel seminars, while some do Excel training, either onsite or off. Excel experts listed here may be involved in the production of Excel webinars, or they may have their own Excel Websites, and so many these days have their own Excel Blogs. Don't forget those die hard experts that also make sure to devote their valuable time to contribute to the numerous Excel forums like Experts-Exchange, VBAExpress, MrExcel, or OzGrid and thank you for doing that, that helps millions of Excel users per year. As you would probably guess, an even larger number of the Excel experts out there work in a traditional corporate job (Monday thru Friday), where they are the office Excel 'Guru', for lack of a better term. Applying their trade in the trenches. Notably a growing number of Excel experts are becoming professional Excel Consultants, Excel Programmers, and Excel Developers, taking the freelance route. And make sure not to forget that thousands are just expert level Excel hobbyists, maybe not all Excel experts, but Excel Power Users to be sure, and there is a place on this site for all of them. See the summary list view of Excel experts by order of registration

No matter your capacity with Microsoft Excel, the simple fact that you love Excel, that you use it often, and that you know that you are pretty damn good at it means that this Directory of Excel experts site is for you. Read About the Excel Experts

Any Excel Expert can Easily be Listed - Join Today

Directory of Excel Experts Find Expert Graphic If you are an Excel Expert you can have a listing here. It is that simple. Excel Experts Register Here.

One of the many benefits of joining the Directory of Excel Experts is that you are able to list the Excel books you have written on this site, for free. Then the world can easily find the Excel book(s) that fit their unique needs. Please note, the Directory of Excel Experts is not selling your books, nor do we make a single penny from your listing, we simply want to bring Microsoft Excel to the masses. See the Excel Books page.

Each Excel expert that becomes a member of the Excel directory gets to decide if they will have 'active' participation, or strictly a listing on the directory for SEO purposes. Taking that a step further, each Excel expert gets to decide if their contact info will be listed. You can complete the registration form, be listed, and never hear from us again, and your listing will remain active. It is all based on your needs and desires. The site is for you and for the visitors. (Please see the registration page for the membership options).

Each verified Excel expert that joins the DirectoryOfExcelExperts.Com will also be given the option of joining the Directory of Excel Experts LinkedIn.Com group. This is a group that is exclusive to the verified members of this site, and will serve as a great way to communicate with your Excel peers while on LinkedIn, in a semi-private forum, without users or non-verified experts. As such you will not see questions on how to sort, how to do a vlookup, etc., as this will not be a group that serves that purpose; there are plenty of Excel groups, forums, and blogs that do that already. This group allows experts to communicate with experts, and no one else. That should increase its usefulness. Once again, it is all about bringing you together in ways and places that best work for you. And everyone uses LinkedIn these days. IconDirectory of Excel Experts on LinkedIn

Easily Search for an Excel Expert - One Site, Tens of Thousands of Excel Experts, so Simple, so Powerful

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Are you looking for a top notch Excel Expert If so this is your lucky day, because many of the world's best Excel experts are listed right here, on The Directory of Excel Experts, and many of them want for you to find them, that is why they are here. If you are new to Microsoft Excel you may not recognize the names of the experts on the Directory of Excel Experts lists, names like Mr. Excel, Mr. Spreadsheet, Ms. VBA, Doctor SpreadSheet, or Smitty, but any and all of the Excel Experts on this list, such as Paul McFedries, Jon Pearson or David Farley, may be just as good or possibly even better than those best 'known' Excel experts. That is the beauty of this list, this is where you can find the one Excel expert that is just right for you, a public figure or not.

When you do your search for your Excel expert, there are several possible views of the information available. There are a few list views, with one row per Excel expert, then there is the detail view, which shows important contact information so that you may contact the Excel expert directly. There is the pending expanded detail view that shows even more information about the Excel expert you are searching for. There are other special listings from time to time with a variety of special views as well. The end result being your ability to see just the amount of information you are looking for. You will find your Excel expert here. This is where the World's Excel experts come together. So no matter where in the world you are, nor where in the world the Excel expert is, nor what they do, you will find them. See the expanded detail view of Excel experts.

Don't forget to check back frequently to see the new Excel Books, New Excel Articles, Best of Excel Lists, Excel Blogs, Top Ten Excel Lists, Excel Expert Spotlight and so on, that make the Directory of Excel Experts the first and Best source of information on the World's Excel Experts. See the Top Ten Lists of Excel experts

Disclaimer: Microsoft is not associated with this website. Microsoft Excel is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.
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